Saturday, August 29, 2009

Legalised 'ah long'

All the commercial gimmicks and slogans about banks wanting to help consumers achieve their dreams and all are all a bunch of craps! At the end of the day, it's about the bottomline in the P&L and honestly, they are still wolves in sheep's clothings who are all out to suck consumers' blood and money!

Anyway, recently, BC had a very unpleasant experience with this bank starting with 'H'. He was 1 day late in paying his credit card bill so he called to request for a waiver in late charge. The customer service over the phone told him he can't waive because it has been reflected in the system. BC was very mad and said that he has requested the same from another bank before and why they can do it. The customer service officer could not answer. BC further added that since their service is so lousy, he want to cancel the card. The officer told him he has to call another number to cancel!!!! WTF! Today we just received the statement from this freaking bank again and now they imposed a $2.50 finance charge just because of the 1 day late payment. BC is very mad and decide to pay the $2.50 in 5 cents and 10 cents. We had taped it to white paper and wanted to mail it over (since we can't pay via AXS machine as the minimum payment is $5) but they did indicate on the return envelope that we cannot enclose cash. BC say he has all the time to pay with them and would 'gladly' pay the cash over the counter. Haha!

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