Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lo Hei...... Huat ah!

Today is 人日, the birthday of all humans. For our family, it is a day of steamboat and lo hei! As usual, my dad will go buy the 鱼生 and all we need to do is to contribute the space in our stomach for the food. Hahaha.

Heard from 2nd sis that she and M got a pretty good queue no. in the balloting of new flat in Punggol. That's quite a good news considering many couples have so much problems in buying new flats (either lousy queue no. or no queue no. at all!). Since their flat will only be ready in 1st quarter of 2013, this will give them more time to save money for renovation and furnitures. The good thing about buying new flats are that they are brand new and you tend to be able to save on renovations (no need to hack and replace stuffs) and further more 2nd sis is getting a premium flat that comes with floor tiles so technically, it is almost a shift in condition (with the exceptions that they will need to do built-ins here and there). Have promised that I will buy her a washing machine for her new place (since she bought me a washing machine when I shifted to my new place also), mum will sponsor her cooker hob and hood and Agnes will sponsor a microwave (which she claims she can get at $60, I wonder if it is safe or not, hahahaha).

Still remember the time when I go my 1st flat, the excitement and worry is quite huge. Excited because we finally get to have our own place and worry because our place need major renovation, and it cost money. But well, this phase is over and we have also made some mistakes during our renovations which we have now taken note for our next house (preferably a bigger and nicer one, hahaha).

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