Saturday, September 13, 2008

A playmate

BC and myself has been exploring the idea of getting a playmate for Eden but we are unsure whether to go ahead with this commitment especially when we are 1st time owner and only had her for a month. After much discussion, we decide to go ahead with getting another kitten!!!! Yeah!

Initially our 1st choice was a grey male kitten called 'Gabriel' (same name as BC). But sad to say, on the afternoon when I contacted the foster mum, he already got interested owner who wants to adopt him, I guess perhaps he is just not the one that we are fated to have.

Gabriel, who has been adopted

Tomorrow, we will be viewing another 12 weeks male kitten called 'Titus' that is full ginger colour! Heard from the foster mum that we are not the only one viewing him as well so we shall have to see who will be the most suitable owner to have him. Let's wait to see if we are fated to have him then. BC told Eden to start praying! Haha.


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