Monday, June 11, 2007


I saw an episode of Oprah Winfrey Show and they had women coming up to the show and tell people how they were able to look MUCH younger than their actual age. Imagine a 70 year old lady who looked like in her 40s and a 40 year of lady who look not older than 30! My goodness, they definitely had not gone under the knife as they have the natural look with some wrinkles and all but still not old and wrinkled enough for people to tell their real age. When interviewed about how they maintain their youth, all of them talked about being at peace with themselves and how they are doing something that they have a passion about.

How i envy them........ they actually are able to be at peace with themselves and be engaged in something that they have passion about. How can I feel likewise???? I am not at peace with myself because I am not happy with the way I look, not happy with the money that I am earning, not happy with my lifestyle...... Is it just me that is the problem? Passion........ my passion has always been in makeup and reading, but it's just not something that I can throw down everything that I have and go for..........

How can I be at peace with myself?????? Someone enlighten me!!!!

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